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Welcome to the WS photo archive

Welcome to this website which is in honer of the great group of friends known only as Wife Swap. The group of guys and girls who own the streets, fields and woods of Beverly. the group consists of a wide veriety of people, big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!!

We are the most bizzare bunch of nutters you'll ever meet unless you go to Toon Town! I myself have not been a member for long but the short time I have been there I can say with my hand on my heart that they are the nicest people you will meet and i am privelaged to know them all!

but i will tell you more about them later on. For now let me welcome you into our world and hope you have a fun time reading about us! 

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Weekly News

Hey guys! After a long time I have returned and am ready to get things rolling again. Since I’ve been gone I’ve seen that a few retards have been adding comments to the site. I really don’t know why they waste their time cos I just delete them straight away. I honestly don’t know what you get out of leaving pointless messages with no real meaning or value, kind of like yourselves! If you really want to have it out with me, then tell me to my face cos I will kill you on the spot without feeling any guilt what so ever. On a happier note college is great and I have done classical theatre which went down a treat and now I am a fully fledged comedian so this year has been a bomb! 2006 here we come!!!

Visitors noteifications

While your here kind visitors please sign my guestbook and if any of you wish to save my picture then do so. I will be most honored. it may be worth somthing one day!

Site Mistakes

I must appologise in advance if there are any spellling mistakes on the page as I am dislexic and tend to rush my typing. Also this site is not made to poke fun at anybody and anything that anyone finds offencive i am truly sorry and shall change it!

Caption contest

"The result of letting blondes use the sink and hair strengtheners at the same time!"

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